Get to Keegan's for Irish food and fun.
We're always ready for St Patricks Day Atlanta!

Live Music Towne Lake Woodstock March 2018

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Woodstock Live Music Every Friday and Saturday Nights at 8:30pm.

Fri. 3/2- Alan Vaughn

Sat. 3/3-Jeffery Alan Byrd

Fri. 3/9-Lance Price

Sat. 3/10- Joe Bagley

Fri. 3/16- Red,  White and Blues

Sat. 3/17- 12-3 Zaib Kahn

       4-7-Deep Cuts with Chip Jones

       7-11pm Jeffery Alan Byrd

Fri. 3/23- Chip Jones

Sat. 3/24-  TBD

Fri. 3/30- Big Day

Sat. 3/31- Odd Man Out

Keegan’s Irish Pub in Woodstock is located at  1085 Buckhead Crossing #140, Woodstock, GA 30189

Live Music Kennesaw for March 2018

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Live Music Kennesaw March 2018 Schedule

Including St. Patrick’s Day

Thu. 1-Brent McDonald

Fri. 2-Lee Tylor

Sat. 3-Lance Price

Thu. 8-Tommy McNulty

Fri. 9-Todd Wells

Sat. 10-Chip Jones

Thu.  15-Joe Bagley

Fri. 16-Mario Diaz

St. Patrick’s Day! 

Sat.17- 12:00-2 Brent McDonald

       8:30-12:30 Scott Thompson

Thu. 22-Lance Price

Fri. 23-Zach Goodfellow

Sat. 24-Jeffery Alan Byrd

Thu. 30- Kyle Smith

Fri. 31-Joe Bagley

Live Music Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Night with Live bands.

Sunday is Singer Song Writer Showcase with Chip Jones. 

December Music Kennesaw

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Fri. 1-Marty Manous

Sat. 2-Todd Wells

Thu. 7- Lance Price

Fri. 8-Scott Thompson

Sat. 9- Brent Mcdonald

Thu. 14-Brent Mcdonald

Fri. 15-Joe Bagley

Sat. 16- Chip Jones

Thu. 21-Tommy McNulty

Fri. 22-Alan Vaughn

Sat. 23-Todd Wells

Thu. 28-Chip Jones

Fri. 29- Lance Price

Sat. 30- Hope Cassity

May Music Schedule Woodstock Towne Lake

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Live Music in Woodstock Towne Lake at Keegan’s Irish Pub.

Fri. May 5- Chip Jones
Sat. May 6- Circus
Fri. May 12- Ivan Duke
Sat. May 13-Marty Manous
Fri. May 19- Jeff Wright
Sat. May 20-Alan Vaughn Band
Fri. May 26- Zaib Khan Band
Sat. May 27- The Rainmen

Live Music April in Kennesaw Irish Public House

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Live Music April 2017 Schedule

Live Music in Kennesaw every Thursday Night, Friday Night and Saturday Night!

Sat. 1- David Ranes

Thur. 6-Tommy McNulty

Fri. 7-Brian Wiltsey

Sat. 8- Zaib Kahn

Thur. 13-Scott Thompson

Fri. 14- Lance Price

Sat. 15- Hope Cassity

Thur. 20-Jeff Wright

Fri. 21- Scott Thompson

Sat.. 22- Chip Jones

Thur. 27-Brent McDonald

Fri. 28- Shreeps

Sat. 29- Brent McDonald

Live Music Woodstock April 2017

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Live Music in Towne Lake/Woodstock

Sat. 1- Lance Price Band

Fri. 7-Tyler Cates Band

Sat. 8- Jeff Wright Band

Fri. 14- Todd Wells Band

Sat. 15- Shreeps and the Sound

Fri. 21- Chip and the Guys

Sat. 22- The Rain Men

Fri. 28- Denim Arcade

Sat. 29-Chip Jones Band

Live Music Towne Lake Woodstock December 2016

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Keegans Woodstock Schedule 8pm Start Time.

Fri. Dec. 2- Joe Bagley
Sat. Dec.3-Hope Cassity
Fri. Dec. 9- Kevin Kos
Sat. Dec.10- Dave and Chris
Fri. Dec. 16-Chip Jones
Sat. Dec.17- Brent McDonald
Fri. Dec. 23-Todd Wells
Sat. Dec.30-Tyler Cates

Keegan’s Woodstock Live Music Schedule

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Thu. Aug. 4- Jacob Newman

Fri. Aug. 5- Todd wells

Sat. Aug. 6- Brent McDonald

Thu. Aug. 11- Scott Thompson

Fri. Aug. 12- Lance Price

Sat. Aug. 13- The Woody’s

Thu. Aug. 18- Brent McDonald

Fri. Aug. 19- Sean Thomason

Sat. Aug. 20- Jacob Newman

Thu. Aug. 25- Tommy McNulty

Fri. Aug. 26- Hope Chassity

Sat. Aug. 27- Chip Jones

Countdown to

St. Patrick's Day!