Get to Keegan's for Irish food and fun.
We're always ready for St Patricks Day Atlanta!

Live Music Kennesaw-Keegan’s Public House

By Mitchell Knight on Thursday, May, 7th, 2015 in Events - Kennesaw. No Comments

Here is the May Lineup!
Hope to see you here!

Fri. May 1 Todd Wells
Sat. May 2 Brent McDonlad
Thur. May 7 Jeanine Caryn
Fri. May 8 Chip McGwire
Sat. May 9 Tommy Thompson
Thur. May 14 Zaib Kahn
Fri. May 15 Mario Diaz
Sat. May 16 Marty Manous
Thur. May 21 Todd Wells
Fri. May 22 Jacob Newman
Sat. May 23 Chip Jones
Thur. May 28 Jacob Newman
Fri. May 29 Brent McDonald
Sat. May 30 Chip Jones

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