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Live Music August Keegan’s Public House Kennesaw

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Keegan’s Public House Kennesaw

Live Music Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Night.

No Cover.

August 2019 

Thu. 8/1-Tommy McNulty
Fri. 8/2-Lee Tyler
Sat. 8/3-Lance Price
Thu. 8/8-Brent McDonald
Fri. 8/9-Trevor Startt
Sat. 8/10-Todd Wells
Thu. 8/15-Jeremy Wayne Dean
Fri. 8/16-Joe Bagley
Sat. 8/17-Marty Manous
Thu. 8/22-Steve Queisser
Fri. 8/23-Brent McDonald
Sat. 8/24-Michael Zaib
Thu. 8/29- Lance Price
Fri. 8/30-Brandon Reeves
Sat. 8/31-Michael Zaib

Keegan’s Public House Kennesaw August

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Thu. 8/2- Chip Jones

Fri. 8/3-Lee Tyler

Sat. 8/4-Tim Ussery

Sun. 8/5 Singer Songwriter Showcase

Thu. 8/9-Tommy McNulty

Fri. 8/10-Tim Odonavan

Sat. 8/11-Brent McDonald

Sun. 8/12 Singer Songwriter Showcase

Thu. 8/16-Lance Price

Fri. 8/17-Joe Bagley

Sat. 8/18-Kyle Smith

Sun. 8/19 Singer Songwriter Showcase

Thu. 8/23-Brent McDonald

Fri. 8/24-Todd Wells

Sat. 8/25-Marty Manous

Sun. 8/26 Singer Songwriter Showcase

Thu. 8/30-Tom Amherst

Fri. 8/31-Brennan Burns

Keegan’s Kennesaw Live Music in August

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Thu. 8/3-Brent McDonald 4pm-7pm
Tommy McNulty 8:30pm-11:30pm
Fri. 8/4- Todd Wells
Sat. 8/5- Brent McDonald
Thu. 8/10-Tommy McNulty
Fri. 8/11- Lance Price
Sat. 8/12- Marty Manous
Thu. 8/17-Lance Price
Fri. 8/18- Jacob Newman
Sat. 8/19- Jacob Newman
Thu. 8/24-Matt Bennett
Fri. 8/25- Andy Branton
Sat. 8/26- Hope Cassity
Thu. 8/31- Zaib Khan

Countdown to

St. Patrick's Day!