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Top 5 Irish Pub Drinking Songs and Sing-alongs

By Mitchell Knight on Monday, June, 1st, 2015 in Blog - Kennesaw,Blog - Roswell,Blog - Smyrna. No Comments

Irish pubs and group sing-alongs go together like, well, meat and potatoes. Keegan’s Irish Public House is proud to share our Irish heritage with our Metro-Atlanta neighbors, and that includes music and libations. Although there are no official pub song rules, a few elements are common, if not essential: instruments, such as a fiddle, accordion or guitar; group participation, a great Irish ale or lager, and a relaxed atmosphere where songs and conversation often intermingle and stimulate one another and the songs tell repetitive and/or humorous stories.

We hope you will learn a few of the most popular, just in case our live band happens to break out an ol’ Irish tune and you get the urge to join in the celebration. (You should.)

1. The Wild Rover – This is one of the most well-known and oft-performed Irish Pub songs. Its origins are unknown, but the tune has been around for about five centuries.

2. Whiskey in a Jar – This song, which tells the story of a highway bandit who is betrayed by his lady, has been recorded by numerous artists, including Thin Lizzy, The Dubliners and Metallica (who won a Grammy for their performance of the song.)

3. Seven Drunken Nights – A humorous ballad that probably began in England, but the song has been translated into multiple languages and many different versions (and punchlines) have been written.

4. Drunken Sailor –This is considered a “sea shanty” and was sung originally to accompany tedious work for sailors. It is similar and could be an adaptation of another traditional Irish song.

5. Rare Old Mountain Dew – Written in 1886 and printed in 1992, this song refers to Irish moonshine. It is well known for its “vocables,” or syllables that do not make words, like “hi dee diddley idle dum”

We look forward to the opportunity to welcome, serve and sing-along with you at one of our three Irish Pub Atlanta locations!

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Atlanta Irish Drinking Songs and Sing-Alongs

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